I write so you don't have to... and I know how


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I write so you don't have to...

and I know how...

Welcome to joekeefe.com


As you might guess by the name, I'm Joe Keefe - writer, author and professional smart-aleck.  I specialize in several areas of writing:

  • Ghost Writing
  • Non-Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Crime/Drama
  • Screenplay/Teleplay and Theatrical productions

Here's one thing you should know: I'm not cheap.  I cost more than other writers because my books and screenplays SELL.  I've produced more than 6 ghost-books in the past two years - every one of them published with sales that range from pretty darn good to fantastic. 

During that time span, I've written two documentary films and a really great sports bio-pic.  Please check out the writing samples on my Writing Samples page.  (Because that's where the writing samples reside.) 

My clients fall deeply in love with me (in a respectful, appropriate manner) because I deliver the best writing in the business. 

So what does it cost?  Per-page rate ranges between $60 and $75 based on several variables: amount of available materials, schedule, subject matter, etc.  I provide working budgets and production schedules for every project.  And of course, I protect my clients' confidentiality with letters of agreement and with my life.  (So to speak.) 





As befits his manic personality, Joe is many things to many people (he and his doctor are working on it).  His motto says it best, "I think too much therefore I am too much."  Which may be putting Descartes before the horse. 

Joe is an author, writer and professional smart&ass.  He's an incredibly accomplished ghost-writer, having produced five published books in the past two years. 

Joe has literally grown up in the writing business, starting his pro career at the tender age of 13.  He's worked for most of the major comedy institutions including National Lampoon Magazine (back when it was the funniest thing in print) and a 18 year stint at The Second City Theaters.  

Mr. Keefe has several (solo) books in print: 

  • Being Irish - Contemplations on the Nature and Meaning of the Irish Race (Andrews McMeel Publishing)
  • Improv Yourself - Business Spontaneity at the Speed of Thought (John Wiley & Sons Publishing)
  • Slow Motivation - Inspiration for People Who Want to Get Ahead without Trying Too Hard (pending contract)

In the distant past, Joe was Founder and Executive Producer for Second City Communications - the production arm of The Second City Theaters.  He was also creator and execproducer of The Sports Bar - a hilarious syndicated series and has produced pilots for Fox, Showtime and PBS.  He won an Emmy for a series of SportsChannel commercials. 

Joe enjoys writing about himself in the third person.