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That's me... a feature from a big magazine... neat, huh? 

So what does it cost? 

Per-page rates vary based on several items: size of project, amount of available materials, schedule, subject matter, etc.  My rates are considerably less than your attorney or therapist - and I'll actually make you money with my services. 

Estimates, budgets and production schedules are generated for each project and I protect my clients' confidentiality through letters of agreement.  Simply email me your project outline and I'll send back a detailed estimate. 

I'm expert with tight budgets and impossible timelines.  While I can't quite deliver your project last week, I'm working on the time-barrier thing. 

Yes, I'm expensive - because I'm the best ghost-writer in the business.  And I believe I should make almost as much as your plumber. 

Other Stuff:

I write across a range of styles and subjects.  My specialties include:

  • Historical fiction
  • Memoir
  • Crime non-fiction
  • Business subjects
  • Suspense/thriller
  • Humor

I've also produced virtually every kind of writing project:

  • Books
  • Screenplays and teleplays
  • Theatrical plays
  • Articles and columns
  • How-to Manuals
  • Other stuff

If it needs writing and has a budget, I'll get it done beyond expectations.